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Updated on August 28, 2022


Entity Management: 
The entity management of Villa Primera is "Villas Cala Figuera SL" with the tax number NIF:B-57926289 with registration at the Property Registry of the Balearic Islands: Tomo 2622, Folio 161, Hoja PM 76821, insc. 1 and location at c/ Juan de Austria 3 Cala Figuera (Mallorca).

Reservation holder or client:
The holder of the reservation must be of legal age and must provide true information on the reservation. Villa Primera reserves the right to cancel a false, or partially untrue, reservation.

Written agreement:

A written booking agreement or a confirmation voucher acts as a TOURIST ACCOMMODATION RENTAL CONTRACT and grants the client the right to use the facilities at Villa Primera, with care, in the referred features on the booking confirmation, such as type of accommodation, dates, schedules and number of guests.

Payment obligation:

The client undertakes to pay the amount shown as Total Price for the booked services, as well as any expense or damage caused to the property.

Force Majeure:

The agreement of reservation can be terminated by one or both parties without penalty due to Force Majeure in the country of origin and destination. 


For new reservations booked from 30. June 2022 in forward, diseases related with coronavirus will be not subject to Force Majeure policy. In the event of a guest cancels the reservation due to COVID-19, will apply the cancellation policy.

Travel Insurance:

Our booking agreement do not include any travel insurance which is highly recommended for a pleasant stay abroad.


Price and Tax: 

The accommodation price is shown in EURO, including 10 % VAT.

Local Tax for adults over 16 y.o. is not included (2'20 € pnpp), but befalls 50% tax fee reduction (1.10 € pnpp) by staying from 9 nights in forward, in the same accommodation.

Flexible Reservation Conditions:

Free cancellation until 7 days before arrival.

Amendments are permitted until 7 days before check-in. Each amendment which requires a new confirmation has a booking fee of €25,00.

Guests have the right to cancel the reservation for free up to 7 days before arrival (until 11:59 p.m. CET), writing an Email to the Aparthotel.

Amendments or cancellations made by the guest from 6 days before check-in, are taking place in breach of the deadline, so guests are not entitled to any refund.

Non-Refundable Reservation Conditions:

A full payment is requested by the time of the reservation and no amendments are available, neither cancellations after the confirmation.

Booking amendments or cancellations made by the guest after the reservation is confirmed, there is no obligation to refund the guest.

Late cancellations or no show:
For cancellations from 6 days (from 0:00 am) before arrival onwards, the amount regarding to the FIRST PAYMENT will be taken as cancellation fee.

Guests who do not show up on the day of arrival without prior written cancellation, must pay the total of the confirmed reservation and the reservation holder accepts that VILLA PRIMERA charges it to their card.

A non-show on the check-in day means the reservation is lost automatically.


Advanced payment method:

Credit card is requested to charge 50 % of the total price of the reservation. This payment is done once the free cancellation time is finished, not by the time of the reservation.

Bank commissions

Villa Primera is not liable for charges or card fees on currency exchanges, please note payments are done by the local currency: EURO.

Lack of payment:

Villa Primera reserves the right to cancel the reservation due to non-payment, lack of credit or wrong provided card number.

Outstanding amount:

Villa Primera will charge the outstanding amount, 50 % of the reservation and the Tourist Tax, to the client's credit card at any time during the stay. Alternatively, the guest can notify additional payment method by the time of check-in.

Method of payment:

Villa Primera accepts cash in the local currency (EURO), credit and debit cards (VISA or MASTER CARD).

Anticipate departure:

In the event of the check-out date is anticipated once the stay has began, there is no right to be refunded by the difference. 


Children Policy:
Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied with their parents or legal guardian and accommodated in the same unit of accommodation.

The children / baby accommodation is paid, even if they don't wish to use an extra bed.

The baby complements are provided for children up to 24 months and require prior reservation.

  • Smoking in the accommodation is not permitted, according to the Law RD42/2010.
  • Pets not allowed.
  • Private events or celebrations on premises without prior approval, are not allowed and commercial activities (photography and videography) requires also a written confirmation or approval by the hotel management.
  • Additional guests which are not mentioned on the confirmation or registered by the check-in, are not permitted to access in the premises.
  • Illegal substances are not allowed at the property.
  • Guests are not allowed to repair nothing at the property, please report any incident or breakdown as quickly as possible to Reception or by phone, but do not try to fix it.
  • Silence is requested at night to respect other guests.

Passport and ID Card registration:

Guests, adults and children, must have a valid and updated personal document to access to Villa Primera, even if the personal data is registered in advance.
The check-in process is a mandatory registration with Passports or Identity Cards for adults and children, according to the Law RD933/2021.

Cleaning Service

The accommodations are cleaned, and disinfected prior new arrivals. Besides, the cleaning service is twice a week during the stay of the guests. Optionally, guests can also order the free-of-charge daily fresh towels.

Our cleaning service do not include the kitchen cleaning during the guests' stay and our housekeeping supervisor can notify to Reception if any guest does not comply with the hotel smoking rules, whose fee is €80 for laundry expenses.

Pool Rules

The pool area is for the usage of guests only. The open time is from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Access to these facilities is not allowed to other people outside the hotel. 

       Pool hygiene rules:

  • It is forbidden the use of the swimming-pool to all persons with transmissible diseases.

  • All bathers must take a shower and no excessive use of creams before entering the pool.

  • Use lavatories if needed. No urinating, discharge of fecal matter, expectorating or blowing nose in pool.

  • Food, drink, gum and tobacco are prohibited close to the pool except in designated areas on the deck.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • It is forbidden to leave garbage in the pool area, use bin.

    Pool safety rules:

  • This facility is unattended, NO LIFEGUARD on duty.

  • Pool depth is from 0.90 meters to 2.20 meters.

  • All swimmers using this facility do so at their OWN RISK and are required to refer to the pool rules displayed on this board and observe the necessary precautions when using the pool.

  • Keep always your children supervised.

  • Use caution slippery floor surface when wet

  • No unsupervised children under 6 years old allowed inside the pool or at the pool area

  • Glass bottles and recipients are prohibited at the pool area.

  • No running or rough play.

       Swimwear rules:

  • Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire. Inadequate clothing and shoes are forbidden in the pool.

  • Children under 36 months must wear water resistant nappy for hygienic purposes.

To learn more about our pool facilities, please contact us.

Balearic Islands Quality Tourism Law:

Spanish D-Law 1/2020, 17 January, against booze tourism to improve quality in tourist destinations (Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands Nº 10 of 23-01-2020).

The management of Villa Primera informs you that guests are not permitted to engage in activities that may endanger their life, health, or physical well-being at this property. Such activities include passing from one balcony or window to another, jumping or throwing oneself from unsuitable locations into swimming pools, onto the ground or anywhere else.

Any guests engaging in such dangerous activities will be immediately removed from the premises by management, with support from security and the police if necessary. Furthermore, committing a serious offence under Article 14.b) of Spanish D-Law 1/2020 will result in a fine of between 6.001,00 € and 60.000,00 € (euros) from the competent authority.

Parents, tutors or guardians are primarily responsible for offenses committed by children up to fourteen years of age.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, when a child commits the infringement, the parents, tutors or custodians are subsidiarily responsible.

Complaint Policy:

This hotel management do not accept any complaint after the check-out, unless guests have already notified it during the stay to the Front-Desk. Villa Primera has a complaint system to help and assist the in-house guests.

Document Version: 22.3TR
DATE: August 28, 2022
We will update these general conditions regularly.